The Rock Star Readers provides individual and group Orton-Gillingham based instruction such as the Wilson Reading System® to students who struggle to read, write and spell and to those students with dyslexia.

Orton-Gillingham based instruction is a research based approach to literacy instruction. It is “a direct, explicit, multisensory, diagnostic, and sequential way to teach literacy when reading, writing and spelling do not come easily to individuals such as those with dyslexia.”

The Rock Star Readers’ tutors are professional educators who have been trained and certified in the Wilson Reading System® or other Orton-Gillingham methods.

We are committed to making this quality, structured literacy tutoring financially accessible. Please contact us for more information on how to get your student the help they need.

*The Rock Star Readers’ student receive two to three sessions per week to ensure consistent, enduring, progression.

*Rock Star Readers work with schools, teachers, school specialist and other professionals to develop a team approach. People who have dyslexia can have a range of intellectual ability. Most have average to above average IQs, and just like the general population, some have superior to very superior scores.

Sliding Scale Tutoring Fee Schedule

45-60 minute sessions

Combined Parental/Caregiver Income Adjusted Fee/Session Regular Fee/Session
$100,000 and over
US $95
US $95
$60,000 - $99,999
US $65
US $95
$59,999 and under
US $20
US $95

Enlightening Statistics

0 %

of people with poor reading skills are likely dyslexic.

Many individuals with childhood dyslexia eventually become capable readers!

0 %

of the population has a language-based learning disability

0 %

of inmates are reported to be functionally illiterate